About Us KYK India (Delhi NCR)

We are the authorized and reliable dealers of the KYK alkaline water machine. Being an authorized dealer we have been running the business for a long time and at the same time, we are gifting security from many common health problems. We are giving you an ultimate machine that can change your life with the help of some glasses of water.

The research of 38 years has now come out as a boon of good health by just a change in drinking stuff. This research was done by Kim Young Kwi who is a Korean scientist who has deep knowledge in the field of water science and has multiples patented on his name.

We have licensed R&D center manufacturing sites that are certified by GMP. The IRB has given the approval for the trial at SNU hospital. Almost covering 53 countries in the world that are in a big demand of the ionizers and witnessing a revolutionary change in their health. We are making most of the people free from the problems that they are facing in daily life.

The people who are using are telling how beneficial they are and many companies have certified us as the National Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit.