Hydrogen Water Machines

The machine can be made in many different ways and will do the same work but here we are thinking to produce high concentration gas without affecting the pH. It is common that the different machines are designed in a different way and for different work some are used only to produce the gas but some are especially designed using some different membrane in the electrolysis chamber for the generation of the Hydrogen known as proton Exchange Membrane PEM. This new technology has brought a drastic change in the production of the Hydrogen gas and now it is also being used in fuel cells. From few days it has been continuously used in the generators of hydrogen rich water.

Some important points about the machines:

The machines are designed in such a way that it can produce high level of hydrogen gas at the same time it maintains the pH.

The devices are designed to work normally and continue to generate the gas without depending on the source and the rate of flow of water.

The device doesn’t changes the pH and it dissolved the hydrogen in a different way so it is very low chances of cessation of hydrogen after the scaling.

This is the latest technology that had been frequently used for the production of hydrogen rich water and in this PEM is the most advanced way to complete the work. The concentration of the device that is designed to use the technique is .8 to 1.5 ppm. The point to be noted is that all the water that passes through the device doesn’t produces the level of 0.8ppmand more than it some only gives the level of 0.1 to 0.5ppm. this is normal because the normal machines didn’t have the PEM technology and so they use the alkaline water ionizers.

Many people are unable to understand that which form of hydrogen we are discussing here. Here we are discussing the positive ion of hydrogen (H+) also known as hydrogen. You must know that this is also known for acid level that is pH of water. Many of us will think that if we are talking about H+ then it is also quite possible that adding the H2 to the water can affect the pH of the water or can change it. But we must inform you that this positive ion doesn’t affect the pH level because it is neutral molecule and dissolving of it doesn’t affect the water. The alkaline ionizers complete the work in a different way they first consume the h+ ions in the water which makes it alkaline. The entire procedure is done without affecting the pH it is simply follows the procedure by adding some pure hydrogen gas to the water.