Superior Technology


The Key of Generation of Hydrogen Water Device

Technology of Hydrogen Water generation: The KYK uses the technology which is patent and equipped with PEM and titanium plates to generate the high quality hydrogen water that doesn’t have any odor, Magnesium (Mg), ozone without using any water tank. In compare to other hydrogen water generating devices that uses magnesium in an amount to enhance the percentage of hydrogen and need a water tank to supply enough amount of water to the electrolytic cell. The hydrogen water that is dispensed by this device has pleasant and clean taste because of not using excessive amount of magnesium, and ozone, it uses the patented technology and uses the ion separation membrane. The water that is ionized by the electrolytic cell without using the ion separation membrane contains ozone and it is very negative effect on the body, this is the reason it is filtered with the help of activated carbon. These machines have complicated functions and they didn’t produce high quality water. The same is done by the KYK device that produces hydrogen water with the help of ion separation membrane but the water containing ozone is blocked completely, so the hydrogen mixed water is only allowed to come out. The KYK devices with number of filters that is some contains one or more than one filter also have chip that maintains the use and checks the amount daily used, using time and also keep record that which of the filter is being reused to maintain the safety and sanitation. It is also designed so well that it doesn’t wastes even a small amount of water like other same devices.


The Key Characteristic of Alkaline Water Ionizer

Non-powered automatic channel switch valve: The non-powered automatic channel switch valve developed with KYK’s patented technology switches the channels without requiring any electrical power. This in turns saves electricity and boosts product performance and lifetime.

Technology of alkaline ionized water technology: it has electrolytic cell which has to do the most complicated work in the alkaline water ionizer that can be comparing with the car engine. The electrolytic cell used are patent and has an unique working technique including the quality of the water, its taste, effectiveness of the product, functioning, etc makes it superior with other same kind of gadgets. The second is the adjustment of the ampere levels that must be 4pHlevelsx 1000 levels = 4000 levels. This is done especially to maintain the pH level in the water that is going to be dispensed to the user so it is always necessary that the ionized alkaline water must contain the desired level of pH so the adjustment of the ampere level is also important in the machine. The clinical trial of the machine has given many positive results. It is done at the prestigious Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang, Korea and after this it was approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the clinical results that was shown has shocked “85.7%” of the investigators and the medical staffs working there. The channel switch valve that is non powered and automatic these non-powered automatic channel switch valve developed with the KYK so doesn’t need any outer or inner electrical supply. It is proved to be profitable in two ways first it saves electricity and enhance the working performance of the machine.