Portable Hydrogen Cap

Portable Hydrogen Cap
Portable Hydrogen Cap Specification

MRP – Rs. 24,000 (Inclusive of all taxes)

It is a well-known fact that our body parts are made up of the aqua.

The world health organization suggests us to drink about one and a half or two liters of water per day.

The aqua has many different duties that it does in our body.

We cannot consume any type of water

The hydrogen is known to be only one that can remove the active oxygen and make the liquid beneficial in reducing the aging and disease process.

Now the hydrogen has gained the attention of many scientists and common people that it is very useful in keeping the human body healthy and is good for the environment also. It has lots of positive effects like it is anti-allergic; anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptosis and it can also improve metabolism by doing activities that are ant oxidative.

A liter of hydrogen water is equal to benefits provided by 756 bananas and 516 apples the anti oxidative is 176 times more than calcium and 864 times higher than coenzymes.

So if you cannot eat the bananas and apples in that much quantity then just drink a liter of water

Let us talk about how to use the cap

After joining the all the parts remove the cap and then put it horizontally on the bottle using it you need the bottles of 300 to 500 ml capacity to fill this about 4/5 of the total.

after using the cap on the bottle turn the bottle upside down and then connect the USB cable.

When the power will be turned on a buzzer will sound and the LED light will be showing that shows the generation of hydrogen that will take only 3 minutes

The completion of the generation the LED light will get off automatically and the buzzer will alarm 5 times.

When the hydrogen is generated remove it from the power cable then turn the bottle upright and then shake it once and drink it.

Remove all the remaining water which is remaining and then keep the cap.